Hot Water: it’s a Must!

Hot water is an absolute must. I have to ensure my children, husband and I get hot showers. I also need a quick instant coffee to be able to get through all of my morning tasks. Chasing children, forcing them to get dressed, making breakfast doing the dishes, making a real pot of coffee, and finally doing breakfast dishes. Let’s just say the other morning was something right out of my worst nightmares.

I put my kids and husband through their showers, with no complaints. I had a cup of hot coffee in my usual lazy method. Then, when I went to get my shower, the temperature wasn’t reaching the scalding hot that makes me happy. Then, it quickly dropped. I was shivering through rinsing my shampoo and had to skip the conditioner. Of course, my husband didn’t even notice.

Granted, if any one family member is in there longer than their scheduled time, I suffer a cold shower. I figured someone, miraculously without me realizing, woke up early and took a long shower. I do get pretty engulfed in my magazines. It wasn’t until I spent nearly ten minutes standing like an idiot with my finger under the faucet to do dishes, that maybe something more disastrous happened. Our water heater wasn’t working. I knew it was time to upgrade, and wasn’t about to wait for my husband to take weeks to fix it.

Of course, it’s a Saturday. I scramble around and get the children dressed and ready for the ride to the store. It was time to weigh the options between new hot water heaters while making sure the kids don’t break anything. That is sometimes an added cost for these trips.

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We get to the store and ask about the most reliable, top-of-the-line tankless water heaters. I heard they can provide a steady stream of hot water in the right conditions. I won’t have to worry about frigid showers anymore! The nice lady shows us the EcoSmart ECO 27.

I really like the name. I like to think I’m an environmentally conscious person. I like how easy it is to operate. You control the temperature with a dial on the front in one-degree intervals. We would have to rework some of the plumbing to install it, which isn’t a huge deal. It is an added cost I’d like to stay away from, if possible.

She told us that this unit is one of the most efficient, but may not offer continuous hot water in colder conditions. That means we would have to space out our showers. That just won’t work for our hectic morning routines. It comes with a lifetime warranty, which isn’t honored if you install it yourself. We were thinking about getting it in as soon as possible (like right after we buy it) with the help of a friend who’s done a lot of plumbing work, but isn’t professional. So, I asked to move on.

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Next, she showed us the Rheem RTEX-13. I was a little uneasy because it is very new on the market. However, she explained that their past models are very popular and reliable. It has a maximum flow rate of four gallons per minute (GPM). That isn’t too bad. We only run one shower at a time. It is also just as efficient as the EcoSmart. It just doesn’t have the fancy green label. I like this one, but again, when I asked about cold weather I got the same answer. I need something that will give my similar output all year!

That’s when she showed my our winner– the Rheem RTGH-95DVLN. Sure, this unit was way out of the price range we told her but it actually does the trick. It can put out 9.5 gallons of hot water per minute. That will help it keep up when winter comes. It’s better than our old tank because I can run hot water from the sink without ruining my husband’s shower experience. It is natural gas, which means we had to get someone to come and install it for us.

Even though it was about twice the price we expected to pay, I know it will be more than worth it in the long run. We can also add the second bathroom we’ve been thinking about without worrying about having enough hot water to fuel it. The kids are growing up and the fight for the shower is getting more intense! If you have a busy home like I do, this Rheem model will improve your life for years to come.   

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